DIY Spring Planter

Plants really help me feel happier. Something about having live, green critters in my house cheers me up. Knowing that my plants are dependent on me for water, sun, and the occasional one-sided conversation helps me get moving when I feel down.

You know what’s even happier than a normal plant? A plant with a face.


Seriously. How can you even feel down while looking at this cute little lady? Look at that fabulous hair.

Do you want to make one too? I know you do.





I put mine together using crafting supplies I found around my house. Here’s what you need:

  • A potted plant. The bigger the “hair” the better!
  • Acrylic paint. You can buy the cheap stuff if you don’t have anything on hand!
  • Mod-Podge (optional). You can seal your project with a coat of clear Mod-Podge to protect it from the elements and make it nice and shiny if you want!
  • Brushes. I used a small round brush and a medium squared brush.
  • Painting supplies. Use newspaper to protect your surfaces if you need to. You’ll want a cup of water and a paint rag on hand, too.

Let’s Do This

Alright, time to make your own!

1. Set up your crafting area and grab your potted plant. Use a rag to scrub off the pot to get rid of anything that might interfere with your first coat of paint. Mine had some dirt on it, so I went ahead and scrubbed it squeaky clean!

DIY spring



2. Choose your colors and set out some paint.



3. Once your pot completely dries, go ahead and apply a few coats of your base color. Be sure and let each coat dry before adding an additional coat!



4. Sketch out your design using very light pencil marks – or just freehand it if you are feeling extra confident! Grab a little black paint on your brush for the eyes, and add peach or pink blush for a whimsical look.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


5. Add a little smile.

DIY spring




6. Coat with Mod-Podge if you’d like.

DIY plant



If this DIY spring project made you happy, I’d love for you to share it!



plant face

Plant face DIY

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DIY plant


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  1. I love this concept – it would make for a great “just for fun” or housewarming gift too! I could see myself having one in my sunny kitchen window. Thanks for sharing with the Spring Craft Blog Hop #SCBH2015

  2. Your spring planter is so adorable! I have a few planters and was just going to give them away, but now that I’ve been inspired, I think I will have the kidos help me paint them and plant some pretty spring flowers! Thank you for sharing! So happy that I decided to follow Bravely!

  3. I love your spring planter post. I think that the succulents are so great for indoors and you have dressed your perfectly in their containers. Thanks for visiting #nannaswisdom

  4. I love having plants and fresh flowers in the house; there’s just something about them that brings a smile to my face and lightens my mood. This smiling planter is such a cute idea, especially to dress up plain pots! Thanks for sharing at the Creative Spark party last week; I’m featuring your DIY planter today! Hope you’ll link up again this week!

  5. What a lovely idea – plants make me so happy too. Gardening is my happy place! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  6. So sweet, this reminds me of the cress heads we used to make as kids. I don;t know if that’s just a UK thing but we would get little containers, yoghurt pots or something similar , give them a face and plant cress seeds so they would grow “hair” . I love your up to date version.

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